Microsoft Launches To Remind Hotmail Users Of Work

Microsoft has launched their new overhauled webmail service that takes over the look and feel of the user interface of the current Hotmail webmail service, soon to be shown the door out. is an all-new webmail service from Microsoft to try and win back the Gmailing, using crowd. It uses the Metro look and feel soon to be seen on the Windows 8 operating system. Gone are the distracting advertising, it’ll be all about your inbox and your email. The Outlook inbox can also integrate with Facebook and Twitter for an all-in-one social network connectivity.

The trouble is, it looks like work. It’ll remind you of work. I’ve used the web-based Outlook Web Access before, and aside from the sleek graphical upgrade, I can’t help but be reminded of the original Outlook look.

Hotmail users can log in to their new Outlook inbox at to be automatically upgraded to the new Outlook experience. Users who want a new email with their new inbox can sign up for one, and link it with your current Hotmail account so you’ll stay connected, but sound slightly more professional.

Users who still want to stick to Hotmail for a while longer can still sign in through or choose to go back to the Hotmail look from the settings menu. Give it a shot. Microsoft has their ears out for opinion. Maybe I’ll reach them using my Gmail.