Mega Man? What Mega Man? All I See Is Mighty No.9

Keiji Inafune may have left Capcom to start his own indie studio, but that doesn’t mean he’s not making any more games.

The creator of several Capcom franchises, including Mega Man and Dead Rising is turning to KickStarter to fund his new side-scroller fans have been yearning for. Welcome the new Mega Man Mighty No.9 project!

The game features Beck, a robot boy who out to save the world from crazy machines by defeating the other Mighty No. (Mighty Numbers) robots using weapons and abilities obtained by defeating other enemies.

Helmed by Keiji Inafune and a fleet of veteran Japanese game creators, some from the Mega Man team, Mighty No.9 will be developed for PC and made available through Steam, with other home consoles and PCs also reachable through crowd-funded goals. The KickStarter has already reached $755,891 of its $900,000 goal with over 12,800 backers. A $20 pledge nets you the game, with plenty of other rewards, including art books, beta access, exclusive goodies and even dinner with Inafune-san.

The game is bound for spring 2015.