Maxsoft to distribute event-exclusive Pikachu at Pika-Pika Carnival

A first event of its kind here in Singapore, local Nintendo distributor Maxsoft has announced their plans to distribute an event-exclusive Pikachu at the Pika-Pika Carnival that starts today.

The event-exclusive Pikachu, level unknown, will hold a Light Ball and know Volt Tackle, Thunder, Grass Knot and Quick Attack. One would assume the yellow electric furball will be distributed wirelessly, otherwise we’ll have to bring our Link Cables along.

Pokémon trainers simply need to bring along their Nintendo DS and copy of Pokémon Black or White Version. It’s one per game cartridge, of course. The Pika-Pika Carnival, held by Isetan Singapore at Isetan Scotts, will end on 20th May.

Announcement from Maxsoft [Facebook]