Maxsoft announces Mario Kart 7 Tournament

Forget Gran Turismo 5. Mario Kart 7 is where the big boys go to race. Maxsoft has announced an upcoming tournament for the racing starring Nintendo’s titular plumber in red.

The tournament is open to all, even those gung-ho enough with no experience to Mario Kart 7 whatsoever. Four qualifying events will be held across the country over the weekends of April 21st and April 28th with the finals to take place at Gamescore at Funan Digitalife Mall on April 29th. Participants simply need to register at the event itself at 12pm at the respective qualifying event locations for 4 hours of Mario Karting magic.

To rule out all possible cheating, all Nintendo 3DS and game units will be supplied at the event, therefore, those without a copy of Mario Kart 7 are free to enter. For full tournament details, hit the link at the bottom.

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Mario Kart 7 Tournament


This tournament will consist of 4 Qualifying Events at 4 different locations and top 8 winners from each location will proceed with the Final Event.

Event Name: MARIO KART 7 Tournament – QUALIFIERS

This is an open-to-all event and anybody can feel free to participate in the Qualifying Events*# and the final top 8 qualifiers will compete in the Final Event of the Mario Kart 7 Competition. Attractive prizes waiting to be won!

Event Date & Venue:

1) 21st April 2012 (Sat) – Zepy Games @ NorthPoint Shopping Centre 930 Yishun Avenue 2 #03-10/11, Singapore (769098)

2) 22nd April 2012 (Sun) – Mega Multimedia @ Jurong Point Shopping Centre 63 Jurong West Central 3 #B1-13 Singapore (648331)

3) 28th April 2012 (Sat) – Popular BookStore [Marine Parade Branch] 86 Marine Parade Central, #02-101/102 Singapore (440086)

4) 29th April 2012 (Sun) – Gamescore @ Funan DigitaLife Mall* 109 North Bridge Road #05-05 Singapore (179097)
*First 32 participants only

Registration Time:

12noon to 1.30pm (21st April to 28th April) 11am to 12noon (29th April)

Event Duration:

2pm – 6pm (21st April to 28th April) 12.30pm – 7.30pm (29th April)

Event Name: MARIO KART 7 Tournament – FINALS Event Date & Venue:

4) 29th April 2012 ( Sun ) – Gamescore @ Funan DigitaLife Mall 109 North Bridge Road #05-05 Singapore (179097)

Reporting time:

By 4.30pm

Starting Time:




  • Anybody can participate in this tournament even if you do not own the Mario Kart 7 Game.
  • To ensure fairness in the tournament, all games and consoles will be provided by the organizers. o There are no age limit for this tournament. However participants below 10 years of age must be accompanied by their parents.
  • Late-comers will automatically be disqualified.




In the event where there are more than 32 participants, a Time Attack Pre-qualifying round will be held to determine the top 32 participants who will compete in the qualifying rounds.

Participants will draw lots to be placed in one of the 4 groups which consist of 8 players to compete in. Track(s) will be predetermined by the organizers.

Only the top 4 participants from each group will then proceed to next round. The tournament will proceed with until there are 8 winners.
The top 8 participants will then compete in the Final Round
at Funan Digitalife, outside GameScore on 29th April 2012.


32 Participants will be group into 4 groups of 8 to compete in the Grand Prix. The top 2 participants from each group will then proceed to the semi-Finals. The Top 4 players from the semi-finals will finally have a showdown on the big screen.



INFORMATION: Maxsoft Pte Ltd reserves the right to publish tournament information including but not limited to the items listed above, transcripts, audio and/or video recordings or other recounts, player penalties, awards, or any other resultant information from the tournament.

TARDINESS: Participants are expected to be present at the start of a tournament and each of its component rounds and matches. Participants arriving more than 5 minutes late for any round will receive a match loss for that round. Participants who are still not present by the end of that round will be dropped from the tournament. In the case where the participant is late for the match or is away from the match, without a judge’s permission, for any period of time during the round, he/she will lose that round. The judge must have been made aware of this absence in advance of the end of the match.

UNRULY BEHAVIOR: Participants are expected to behave in a respectful manner to all attendees and staff of the event. Warning will be given to participants who show misconduct. Examples of unruly behaviour includes: unacceptable volume level threatening other participants in any manner, failing to comply with the instructions of the event staff, and/or attempting to manipulate a match through intimidation or distraction.

WAGERING or gambling on the results of a game, portion of a game, match, or number of matches by anyone, including players, tournament staff, and spectators, is strictly prohibited. Anyone attempting to wager on a tournament should be removed from the tournament site, and the incident should be reported to the police.

Event Judges will have the final say when there is a dispute.

* – In the case where there are more players than expected, a time trial is required by participants to determine who gets into the Qualifying Round.

# – Participants can join the Qualifying Event as long as they have not qualified for the final event.