Marvel's #1 Free Comicbook Promo Coming Back To Life

Folks who crashed the servers the first time Marvel announced their giveaway of over 700 titles for free will soon get a second shot at it.

To prepare yourself for the promo, if you haven’t done so the first time, sign up on or before 11.59am on April 10 Singapore Time. Invitations to download their fair share of digital comics will roll out to those who sign up on April 12. Those who already made a move or signed up to be notified when the campaign couldn’t run the first time should receive an email stating that fact. Just watch for the user-exclusive invite.

Marvel’s #1 Giveaway includes comics from the relatively new Marvel NOW! series, a host of classic “first-appearance” comics including Spider-man’s, the Avengers and the X-Men. These comics are readable online, or through the Comixology app supported on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. Have a go through when you get your invite. You may find something you like.