Mario Kart Tour heads straight to mobile in March 2019

Mario Kart Tour

We’re not sure if Mario Kart players should be happy or worried about this, but you can now experience the salt of blue shells, fake boxes, and the ever-amusing banana on your phone as well as consoles. That’s right, a Mario Kart Tour exists and its drift boosting straight to mobile.

According to Nintendo America, Mario Kart Tour is set to cross the finish line sometime in March 2019. All we’ve got for now is the logo you see above, but we’ve already got two big questions burning in our heads.

First: Will Mario Kart Tour be a paid/premium app like Super Mario Run, or will it take the free-to-play route like Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Fire Emblem: Heroes?

Second: Will the awful Rainbow Road be included?

Jokes and salt aside, we’re really looking forward to what they’ve planned with Mario Kart Tour because, knowing Nintendo, it won’t be too shabby.

Kenneth Ang

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