MapleSEA Upholds Justice In New Content Patch

MapleSEA has outdone itself again, with the addition of the ZEN and Phantom classes – revamps of the Thief and Pirate classes – via the Justice content patch. A quest chain to liberate the new world of Azwan is also some of the amazing new stuff the Justice update is bringing.

“The Justice content update has been the talk of town among MapleSEA gamers for months,” said Sherman Tan, Chairman of Asiasoft Online. “Many players have been looking forward to the arrival of Phantom, the new thief based class who utilises the powers of the cane and card.”

Some of the key features of the Justice content update (a portion of which will launch in time for Halloween) include a part time job system that allows for progression even when the gamer is offline and a character card system that enhances character stats.

The patch will be rolled out over the next two months with the ZEN class debuting first on October 31 2012 along with major Thief and Pirate class revamps. The Phantom class makes its appearance on November 14 2012, and the party questline for the town of Azwan rounds up the Justice content update on December 5 2012.