Make like a herbologist in AuditionSEA!

Flowers are pretty, but they aren’t practical. Give your AuditionSEA lover something better with the introduction of the Secret Garden to the game.

This special garden is just for in-game couples, but to plant herbs instead of flowers. Only couples who have gone through the wedding party can access the Secret Garden via their Couple Garden.

Herbs can be planted and grown in the Secret Garden, and harvested and then combined in your Secret Garden Pot to create materials, supplements and many other items for varied purposes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with combinations, because you’ll be credited with DENs even for failed combos.

The growing period for herbs is much shorter compared to flowers, and supplements can be used to accelerate growth in the couple’s flower garden too. Players also stand to receive rare costumes and other stuff when combining materials from the Secret Garden.

There are more tips available at the AuditionSEA site 🙂