Lo Hei with MapleSEA This Weekend

Still in the ba kwa munching, hong bao grabbing, lo hei tossing Chinese New Year mood? Asiasoft has anticipated that, and is hosting a Chinese New Year celebration for MapleSEA players this weekend.

Held outside Bugis Junction, by the fountain in front of the McDonalds outlet, the MapleSEA lo hei will have a slew of activities for fans of the game.

While the actual tossing of yu sheng is for invited guests only (these guests will have received their invites via Facebook message), players who drop by can still join in the fun.

‘Bai nian’ with the Yeti cosplayer and walk away with a Black Snake or Dong Dong Chiang mount. These are limited to the first 888 participants (how lucky!) so be sure to get there early.

72 Gachapon coupons will also be given away every hour to MapleSEA players who check-in on Facebook with a photo at the event. Not sure what the significance of the number 72 is, though. That’s hardly auspicious!

Finally, hipster-Maplers can get their Instagram fix and win something while they’re at it. Tag a picture of the event with the #MapleSEA hashtag on Instagram and you could walk away with a S$100 shopping voucher.

The MapleSEA lo hei begins at 3pm this Saturday, Feb 16 2013. For those of you wondering about bad weather, Asiasoft has committed to the show going on – there will be shelter!