Lizard Squad Promises to Close Down Xbox Live Forever; Gets Hacked by Anonymous

Notorious Lizard Squad has promised to close down Xbox Live “forever” this Christmas. This is after a “small dose of what’s to come” was dished out on December 1, whereby Xbox Live was victim to a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.


According to their Twitter account, since December 1, Lizard Squad has attacked Machinima, Steam, and PlayStation. On December 3, one of their own, who goes by the name CTBG chF600 on Twitter, was released from prison.On December 8, the co-leader of Lizard Squad FTBG PriNc£ 600 and the Lizard Squad itself Tweeted that they had gotten their Twitter accounts hacked by Anonymous, yet another infamous group of hackers.

Awhile later, however, Lizard Squad posted a taunting status, “Just kidding, people who wear €5 masks from Party City can’t do s***. Come (at) me.”

Lizard Squad has also been confidently tweeting links to a White House petition for the government to put in more effort into finding the “criminals” behind Lizard Squad. The petition was put up on December 5, 2014, and needs 100,000 signatures by January 4, 2015. It currently has 7.5 thousand signatures.

VGS, an Arabic YouTube channel, advises the following:

While it may not be forever, it’s a safe bet that Lizard Squad will continue attacking Microsoft servers. Best thing to do is to remove any credit cards or vital information tied to your xbox live account right now.