Live Your Developer Dreams With Sony

Have a great idea for a game or an app?

Sony Computer Entertainment Asia is recognising creative passion with their PlayStation Games & Apps Challenge in 2012 in Asia.

The challenge is open to any PlayStation fans and/or developers who would like to share their game and application ideas for future release over the PlayStation platform. You can submit your idea irregardless if you’re entering as a team, business entity, or even as an individual. Despite it being titled ‘in Asia’, the challenge is opened to all (except those residing in countries listed under the T&Cs). More information on eligibility can be found under the terms and conditions.

Registration starts on July 18 2012 and will run until August 31 2012. The PS Vita category will see up to two grand prize winners and five special awardees, while the PS Mobile category will see up to four grand prize winners.

“PS GAC2012 provides an opportunity for anyone to get involved and engaged with PlayStation,” wrote Sony in a press release.

You can register yourself here!