Limited Ed Charizard 3DS XL Announced For Japan

Charizard fans in Japan are going to have a field day with this announcement. Pokémon Centres in Japan will be selling a limited number of Charizard themed 3DS XL via a country-wide raffle. Only the lucky winners of the raffle will be allowed to purchase this special 3DS XL.

Customers will be able to enter the raffle in person at Pokémon Centres, or via mail starting November 3 2012. The console itself will start selling on December 15, and sales of it will cease on January 14 2013.

There is currently no information if the Charizard 3DS XL will go international or not. The special edition Pikachu 3DS XL was recently announced as having a European release later in the year.


(Source: Bulbagarden)