Licence2Play 2012: Bigger & Better

The venue for Licence2Play might be smaller per square foot this year, but it is certainly bigger and more badass when it comes to show content.

With big boys Blizzard and Wargaming dominating the front booths of Licence2Play 2012 and publishers like Shanda Games and Asiasoft making up the rest of the show, you’ll be hard pressed not to feel like you’re truly in a Singapore-grown gaming expo at last.

While Licence2Play is certainly nothing compared to the massive playground that is Tokyo Game Show, 2012’s offerings are a good start to getting there.

Stop by any booth and give the games on display a go, and you’ll walk away with game-related goodies. That, my friends, is exactly what a gaming expo is about. The swag. If you have time to spare, tarry a while longer at each booth and try the mini-games, which range from popping ‘mineral’ balloons at Blizzard’s booth to ring tossing at Asiasoft Online’s, and you stand to win larger prizes like Jinx brand gaming t-shirts and a Poring soft toy.

Asiasoft Online and Shanda Games both announced the newest additions to their catalogue this weekend, with Asiasoft revealing Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second and Shanda showcasing Avatar Star, a MMO shooter. Both publishers have the games available for play at their booths in the Licence2Play expo, and are giving away goodies if you sign up for an account! Russia’s also has a huge booth at the expo, replete with hot babes, World of Tanks challenges, and yes, hands-on demo stations of World of Warplanes!

There are also a good number of gaming tournaments you can sign up for on the spot, with (relatively) huge prize pots. Indie games also have their own little corner of the expo, at the Singapore Game Box area. And if you’re a competitive StarCraft II gamer, you’ll be thrilled to know that Korean progaming team StarTale’s female pro player Aphrodite is in town, and is accepting challenges and photo ops!

If nothing else, Licence2Play is worth checking out just to finally experience what it’s like to be in a proper gaming expo. With free swag from every booth you pass by, a merchandise area, free play on the biggest game titles and a full-sized tank (plus a bevy of sexy soldier girls in tight skirts patrolling the hall), there’s really nowhere better to be this weekend.

The Licence2Play gaming expo is held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo Hall E, and is open from 11am to 9pm until Sunday.