Legends update filing in onto MapleStory SEA next month

Asiasoft has announced the upcoming Legends update for the 2D-platforming MMO that is MapleStory that will introduce three new classes to the game across three separate days over the next three months.

The first new class of the update is the Cannon Shooter, available from May 14th. The Cannon Shooter class hands players a new Hand Cannon weapon, from which skills are built from. Let your foes talk to the business end of Hand Cannon as it unleashes bursts of cannon fire. The Cannon Shooter also has the nifty ability to propel the player character upwards to higher platforms without the need to climb ropes or ladders.

Following that, the Mercedes update will bring the Mercedes class on May 30th. Although portrayed in official art as female, the Mercedes class will also have a male counterpart. Mercedes will come equipped with a Dual Bow Gun and is one of the five Hero Classes responsible for defeating the Black Mage. A unique pegasus mount will also be unlocked upon reaching level 70.

And finally, the Demon Slayer will appear sometime in July 2012. The warrior-type is capable of handling any Warrior equipment and has a Demon Fury gauge in place of the Mana gauge. Attacking monsters fills up that gauge, which is drained as you use more devastating attacks, so cost-effectiveness is the key here. The Demon Slayer class is also capable of double-jumping through wings unlocked at level 30 and 120.

Now in it’s 3rd major episode, MapleStory appears to be keeping it fresh after almost 10 years online. Asiasoft recently opened its servers to fans in the Philippines, and there hopefully more Maplers to come with updates such as these.