Latest CoroCoro magazine reveals Pokémon BW2 details

It’s time to dump everything you’ve picked up from the first game. The folks at has their hands on the latest copy of Japan’s CoroCoro magazine, spilling some details on the upcoming Pokémon Black & White 2 versions.

Photos of the magazine reveals new trainer and rival characters, once again leaving the trainers we got so familiar with during our first trip to Unova by the curb. Forget about your best Pokémon friends as well, because it’s a whole new adventure with no way to carry on from where you left of, which for a sequel, I was kinda expecting that somehow.

The game will still be Unova, however, but the origin city is new: Hiougi City. There will be new poison-type and water-type gym leaders and a new Pokémon researcher. Of course,  the new dual-forme Kyurem is capable of new moves. The Black counterpart will know Freeze Shock and the white, Ice Burn.

The new games are set for release in June for Japan and a Q3 release for Western markets and will be compatible with Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS, with the latter two having region-locking enforced on the portables.