Largest Ever Singapore Contingent to Represent at EVO 2k12

This year’s EVO tournament will see the largest-ever Singapore contingent gracing it – and that’s just a little slice of the local ‘fighting game’ community.

Fifteen players will be hyping it up at the world’s biggest fighting game tournament in hopes of bringing glory home. Some players, like DM.Xian and DM.Samantha, have their trips sponsored. Others are paying out of their own pockets for a chance to face – or to become – one of the fighting game world’s greats.

And while the talent pool at EVO is undoubtedly much larger than what we face at home, we’re pretty sure our own local players can hold their own as well.

Thanks to the amazing performance by local heroes, such as DM.Xian and Sonic, at the South East Asia Major 2012 two weekends ago, we now have players who get to be seeded. A due recognition that these players are considered top dogs in the competition (Seeding basically helps ensure that top players don’t face other top players early on, and provides more competitive matches in later rounds).

  • Ho Kun Xian (DM.Xian) is seeded 5th for both SSF4AE and UMvC3, and seeded 4th for KOFXIII.
  • Seow Zong Hui (Sonic) is the 10th seed for KOFXIII
  • Jovian Chan (Shen Chan) misses out on first seed in Soul Calibur V by just one point.
  • Sol Tan (Raphire) rings in at 6th seed for Soul Calibur V
  • while Samuel Ong (Shen Ou) scrapes into 11th seed for the same game.


The rest of the contingent won’t be a letdown, either. Expect to see some really inspiring matches, or even upsets, from these individuals – especially in Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition and Soul Calibur V.

EVO 2k12 takes place on the weekend of 7th and 8th July 2012, so be sure to catch the live streams (if you’re not lucky enough to be there in person)!