Ladies' Night at Tough Cookie

Ladies Night in Singapore has been around for so long, it’s almost a tradition to dress up in your finest (or skankiest) every Wednesday to sashay into clubs for free. But what if dancing and getting drunk isn’t your cup of tea?

On 14th February, Tuesday, newly opened Tough Cookie Parklane Gaming Café declared its first ladies night for gamers. Girls were welcome to try out the PlayStation 3, the Xbox Kinect or the Nintendo Wii, all for free! Kun-Xian Ho, 22, who helps run the café, said they wanted to “attract more female gamers”, as there is a severe lack of ladies on the current console gaming scene.

In spite of the tempting offer, only five girls graced Tough Cookie’s ladies’ night. While one of them was game enough to try Soul Calibur 5, the rest stuck to a more traditional source of entertainment for ladies: the Wii.

“We think the turn up is poor because there are few girls who play console games, let alone fighting games,” said Kun-Xian. Tough Cookie is well known as the new hangout for local fighting-game players, and games like Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade EditionUltimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Soul Calibur 5 are the usual suspects to grace the high-def setups in the shop. As it is, there are just two to three accomplished female fighting game players in Singapore. Of course a girl would be intimidated just by walking in!

Nonetheless, Tough Cookie is considering making ladies’ night a regular occasion on Thursdays. After all, more girl gamers will mean that more guys come down to watch that, and that in turn spells better business for Tough Cookie.

You can keep updated with Ladies Night and other console-based competitions and events at Tough Cookie’s Facebook group.