Kinect officially coming to Windows 7 in February

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has announced the release of Kinect to Windows PCs, freeing the motion-gesture camera technology from the grasp of the Xbox 360 come February 1st.

Sure, hackers and modders have already brought the technology to their own PCs, but here’s the official stuff. Although there’s no word on how Kinect for Windows look like or what it will be capable of, although Steve Ballmer has mentioned they’re working with 200 companies for apps.

Curiously, the “commercial use, not for Xbox 360” Kinect Sensor for Windows has popped up on for pre-orders. But with a US$249.99 price tag, it’ll be for serious developers to consider, seeing how it’s US$50 away from getting a new Xbox 360 with a non-Windows Kinect Sensor.

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