Jetpack Joyride gets all-new gadgets in update 1.3

Awesome-fantastico game Jetpack Joyride, had a major update yesterday, introducing the all-new gadgetry that work to benefit your jetpacking adventure.

Developed by Halfbrick (responsible for Fruit Ninja), Jetpack Joyride is a challenging distance-survival game where players control Barry Steakfries and a stolen jetpack from the research facility he breaks into, with the general purpose of the game to collect as many coins to buy other Jetpacks and unlockables with and travel as deep into the facility as possible before you are taken down by lasers, zappers and missiles.

With update 1.3, a whole list of gadgets have been implemented. Some of my favourites include:

  • Nerd Repellant – Playing field cleared of scientists, great for accomplishing no-scientist missions.
  • Missile Jammer – Fuses some missiles out before they have a chance to hit Barry.
  • X-Ray Specs – Allows Barry to see what’s coming, including vehicle boxes and tokens.
  • Gemology – Transforms some coins (about 1 in 25) into gems worth 5 coins.
  • Coin Magnet – Coins are attracted to Barry, though this is not as strong an attraction as vehicle magnets upgrades.

Players can carry two at a time, allowing for some wicked combinations (what happens when you combine Gemology with Coin Magnet? PROFIT). The update also adds a couple of new achievements and missions enough to distract you for quite a bit.

The game fell to free a while back, and this update gives more reason for those who are still out of the loop to get in. You can still support the developers with a 99c purchase of a Coin Counterfeiter, that doubles your coin collection count. It pays for itself.

Jetpack Joyride by Halfbrick [App Store, Free]