…with iPod touch 5G, iPod nano 7G at Apple Media Event

The iPhone 5 may have stolen the spotlight at the Apple Media Event this morning, but let’s not forget about the iPods.

iPod touch (5th-generation)

For those who don’t want to be surrender an arm and a leg attached to a mobile plan for the iPhone 5, Apple has also updated the iPod touch with most of the improvements of the new iPhone in a more colorful shell.

The fifth-generation iPod touch has the same 4-inch Retina Display and a dual-core A5 chip. The iSight camera has been boosted for 5-megapixel 1080p HD recording and it also comes with the new Earpods in the box, as well as the iPod touch looped lanyard, so your device won’t fall off your butterfingers. Needless to say, the new iPod touch also ditches the old 30-pin dock connector for the new Lightning dock connector.

iPod nano (7th-generation)

Apple ends the “iPod watch” dream with the new iPod nano that looks like the bad mockups of an “iPhone mini” we’ve seen on the Internet. Also boasting itself in several new colours, the new iPod nano is no longer the square iPod Shuffle with a screen. It goes back to its video-viewing legacy with a rectangular 16:9 multitouch screen in a rectangular housing, complete with home button.

The three-button volume rocker on the side takes the iPhone Mic-remote off the earphones and on to the device itself. The iPod nano also has Bluetooth in it for compatibility with wireless headphones or compatible car stereos, as well as the new Earpods we’ve been talking so much about.

Lightning to 30-pin Dock Adapter

If your hesitant friends are still holding on to their old iDevices, 30-pin dock connector for and all, you’ll probably want to invest in the new Lightning to 30-pin Dock adapter Apple has graciously made available for you if you still want to hang on to your old cables. Not all cables are supported, of course, rendering your iPhone video-out composite cables useless.

The iPod touch starts from S$398 (32GB), the 16GB iPod nano, S$198 and the Lightning adaptor, S$42, and are available on the Apple Store online.