Introducing the Singapore Sentinels

Check out the YouTube video above, of the same title, right after the jump.

The Singapore Sentinels are a local League of Legends team sponsored by Garena.

“Since Garena has been so actively supporting e-Sports locally, we decided that it was time to bring things to the next level,” said Garena’s e-Sports Club Manager, Lionel ‘Hammy’ Lee. The team was officially born on April Fools’ Day this year.

Hammy, along with team and co-captains, Romulus ‘SGS.Kailing’ Tham and Joshua ‘SGS.ToFu’ Tan, personally handpicked the other members – the team now has a total of seven members, with another to be announced soon! The current Sentinels roster is:

Romulus Tham (SGS.kailing) – the team captain; Joshua Tan (SGS.ToFu) – co-captain, and Baldwin Sai (SGS.Equivocal), Limyang (SGS.ly4ly4ly4), Jason Koh (SGS.Harleluyar), Lim Zhi Ping (SGS.d4rkness), and Wong Xing Lei (SGS.Chawy).

And we’ve heard that they draw substantial salaries as pro players too! While Hammy was unable to share how much the Sentinels are being paid, he did have this to say:

“The pay and benefits are much more lucrative than the average university grad’s starting salary (which is on the average between S$2,300-$2,500).” On top of that, the Singapore Sentinels also get to travel and see the world through their participation in international events.

Ultimately, though, the Sentinels aren’t just about jet-setting and dabbling in the e-Sports scene. They’re a legitimate team, with ambitions to “become the best (League of Legends) team in the world, not just in terms of skill, but also professionalism and attitude,” said Hammy.

The Sentinels are currently Singapore’s only fully-sponsored and salaried team – which is awesome. It looks like things are finally looking up for e-Sports, huh?

And in case any of you readers might be wondering how you can get a foot in the door with them – and we’ve found out: Hammy has told us that the Sentinels are always on the lookout for new, talented players. Interested gamers can send them a private message via their Facebook page, or ask any of their players in-game.

Hammy also monitors the Singapore Sentinels Facebook page daily, and always responds to private messages sent there. The team is also open to scrims and training sessions, so if your fangirl/fanboy heart is racing… they’re easily contactable.

Get to know the Singapore Sentinels better on their Facebook page.