Want Facts? Objective Game Reviews Has You Covered

Reviews are and always will be opinionated. Apparently that bothers some people, so here’s a different voice at the table: Objective Game Reviews.

An excerpt of their review for Gunpoint succinctly sums up their direction:

The graphics in Gunpoint are in the style of pixel art. The player’s cursor changes color to indicate when the area the cursor is held over is one that a guard can see. The story is a noir story and includes double-crosses, wrongful accusations, illegality, and violence. The story also has jokes.

The satire (or is it?) comes at an opportune time, after a year where games criticism finds itself evolving in response to games like BioShock Infinite, Gone Home and The Stanley Parable. As more games set out to make a statement, we’ll undoubtedly find greater variety in how reviews are approached.

Strangely, the information it delivers does hold value. Should the site continue to be updated, it’ll serve as a neat supplementary to other reviews, freeing up the need to spout facts.

With the new GameAxis in its infancy, perhaps now’s the time to gather feedback on what you’d like to see in reviews. Let us know in the comments!

Via: @GunpointGame
Image: Objective Game Reviews

Ade Putra

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