ViewQwest reported as the fastest broadband provider in Singapore

With the internet playing such a core role in our digital lives, who wouldn’t want to get the best bang for their buck? creator Ookla has released its latest Market Report for Singapore, covering data collected from Q4 2016–Q1 2017. Our island ranks second in the world for average fixed broadband download speed and mobile download speed, listed as 180.61 Mbps and 44.37 Mbps respectively – an improvement over Q4 2015–Q1 2016 results.

For most consumers, however, the ISP section should prove the most interesting. While SingTel remains dominant in market share, it’s ViewQwest that provides the nation’s fastest download speeds at 899.35 Mbps. Coming in second and third are MyRepublic and M1, with the latter boasting the fastest upload speeds.

When you think about how video games continue to balloon in size — the eye-raising 50GB benchmark set by Titanfall three years ago has easily been surpassed — it’s easy to see why download speeds matter. And that’s not including updates, add-on content, or Omnissiah forbid, any file errors.

On the other hand, we also have video streaming services with their slow but steady push towards 4K and HDR content. There’s plenty of overlap for gamers here, considering how Netflix is adding adaptations of The Witcher and Castlevania to their library.  Combine multiple streams in a typical household and, well, it’s safe to say that we have some high demands.

It’s worth noting that plenty of factors go into one’s network performance, and that our ISPs are all striving to get an edge over one another. Even so, the Speedtest report is a neat reference for anyone shopping for their next broadband contract.

Source: Press Release
Lead & Insert Images: / Ookla

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