The Uniqlo×Nintendo 2017 T-shirt collection is now up for grabs

The winning designs of this year’s UNIQLO’s UT Grand Prix Design Collection (UTGP ’17) are now live on UNIQLO Malaysia’s website.

As you figure out which of these new threads to add to your collection, consider the piece below:

It’s the only Singaporean design to have made the cut, joining a list dominated by Japanese submissions.

Created by Tay Lianwei, who goes by “TayLary” online, the T-shirt sports a simple motif featuring key Nintendo characters Mario, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, and Bullet Bill, along with a series of multi-colored platforms. It’s a busier design compared to what UNIQLO normally releases under their graphic T-shirts range. Even so, it clearly managed to catch the attention of the judging panel, which included iconic video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto.

The other winning designs feature Nintendo franchises such as The Legend of ZeldaPokémon, and Splatoon among others. You may view the whole line-up here.

UNIQLO’s UTGP competition has been kicking around since 2005 and remains open to anybody around the world. Last year’s theme was Star Wars, which also had a winning entry from Singapore.

Lead & Insert Images: UNIQLO

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