Umbrella Corp sets up Headquarters in Vietnam. Wait, what?

Be careful, fellow citizens of Earth. It looks like the evil Umbrella Corp. of Resident Evil‘s fame, has set up a skincare medical outlet in the city of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam.

Just kidding. The real story is that the skincare company, aptly named Medcare Skin Centre, of that city has designed its logo in the same design as Umbrella Corp’s infamous logo. Vietnamese gamers who first spotted it are going bonkers. Check out the pictures!

“Our mission, your satisfaction!”

Presumably the site’s home page, before it got taken down.

The chair where zombification might be performed.

Was it just a smart marketing stunt to get some attention? Or was it the work of an intrepid designer? Or perhaps the work of some insidious evil corporation? Not much else is known of the company, as its website seems to have been taken down. Never a good sign. It’s also possible Capcom might have sent the clinic a courtesy ‘letter’.

In any case, if the world starts seeing a zombie outbreak, we know where ground zero is.

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Dominic Chua

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