Ubisoft Singapore Seeking Playtesters

Finally, a chance to put all that gaming experience to good use. Ubisoft Singapore has sent out a call for playtesters and it looks like there’ll be compensation for your effort! Hopefully it’s not in a chest at the bottom of the sea.

Ubisoft Singapore is currently looking for all types of people available on weekdays to try unreleased video games. Whether you’re a casual or hardcore video game player, your help is needed!

Take a few minutes to register yourself on our application page: http://bit.ly/1fYYySJ

Note that you must be based in Singapore to apply.

According to your profile, we will contact you for any upcoming studies. Compensation is offered!

If you ask me they’re probably looking for feedback regarding their online third-person shooter, Ghost Recon Online, currently in development right here on our island. Or I could be completely wrong and you’d be fiddling with one of their many titles under their international roof.

Either way this is a good opportunity at taking a sneak peek into the world of videogame creation, provided you don’t already have a day job.

Ubisoft Singapore are also holding a Facebook raffle whereby one lucky winner gets to win an “Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag 3D Jackdaw Maquette.” Find out more about that here.

Source: Facebook


Ade Putra

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