Theme Hospital Now Free on Origin

In 1997, EA Games released Theme Hospital, a business simulation game, on MS-DOS. It has since sold over four million copies. In the game, you are the manager/owner of a hospital, and you have to treat as many patients as possible with the best care you can afford in order to increase your rating. The higher your ratings, the faster you can upgrade your hospital to a bigger one and the more equipment you can purchase.

The illnesses that patients come in for range from Bloaty Head (whereby their heads, well, bloat) to King Complex (they think they’re Elvis Presley).


For awhile now, it has been available on websites like AbandonWare. However, it required a DOS emulator on your Windows PC / Mac in order to play the game.

Now, not only is Theme Hospital available on Windows PC, it is completely free on Origin.

It is currently unknown how long the game will be free for, so if you’re interested, you should get it now, before it reverts to its usual USD 5.90 price.