SNK’s NEO GEO mini officially revealed, will have Asian and International models


Following last week’s leak, SNK has lifted the curtain on their bid in the mini-console space: the NEOGEO mini. None of the important details such as pricing, release date or the included games were announced, but we do know that the company has models for both Asian and international markets.

Without the game listing we can’t conclusively say whether the differences are merely aesthetic, though it’s curious why SNK wouldn’t just offer both versions globally overseas fans (“North America, South America, Europe and other regions”) would no doubt want to import the design based on the original red MVS cabinet.

SNK NEOGEO mini Asian 03

SNK lists the NEOGEO mini with the following specifications:

Product name: NEOGEO mini
Number of titles: 40 titles
Display size: 3.5 inches
Size and weight: W135mm x D108mm x H162mm /600g
Accessory: Power supply cable (AC adaptor will not be included)
Connection terminals: HDMI terminal (Input for TV monitor), headphone terminal, 2 external controller terminals

You could use a regular 15-cm ruler to gauge the size of the thing; SNK says it’ll be small enough to fit in the palm of one’s hand.

Arcade legends such as the King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown, and Metal Slug series can already be seen on the mini-cabinets, but the leak names them all. There’s Fatal Fury SpecialGarou Mark of the WolvesThe Last Blade 2, and much more on the alleged list.

As a 40th anniversary product it’s likely that SNK will release the NEOGEO mini sometime this year, perhaps just in time for the year-end holidays. The bigger question is how much it’ll cost and whether it’ll run into any supply issues.

If you can’t wait that long, consider paying the good folks at RetroCade a visit.

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