Secretlab Unveils New Gaming Thrones

If you’re going to spend any considerable amount of time in a chair (hint: gaming) then you’ll probably want to consider investing in a good one, not just for comfort but ergonomics too. We’re all guilty of bad posture at some point but continuing to ignore it is just going to bite our ass in the future. So what do you do? How does one choose when there are so many options out there?

Every PC gamer has heard of, or even sat in, a DXRacer chair before. When it comes to “gaming thrones” the brand’s as synonymous as Kingston is when it comes to RAM. But let’s face it: those things aren’t cheap, and better deals overseas are going to be moot thanks to shipping fees. The same holds true for other top brands such as Maxnomic, and let’s not even go into dreamy Herman Miller territory. If you can afford it, more power to you!

For the budget conscious, this is where homegrown startup Secretlab comes in. You may remember seeing them at events or online, and the consensus is they’re a respectable contender at the SG$300+ price range – the DXRacer is nearly twice that.

Following feedback and further research, they’ve recently announced two new products: the updated Throne V2, and an all-new Omega.

Throne V2


The Throne V2 resumes its role as the company’s wallet-friendly flagship and comes in the five color variations above. Styled after bucket seats, their loud presence is definitely going to get visitors clamoring for a try. Aesthetics aside, Secretlab says they’ve sourced the best quality PU leather they could find – durable, flexible, soft, and most importantly, resistant to liquids.

PU is essentially an embossed layer of leather after it has been split from the more desirable top-grain layer. Its largest benefit is in cost savings, while retaining its shiny appearance when kept taut. Maintenance is low-cost too though the polyurethane may crack after long use.

For increased cushioning, they’ve incorporated technology for automated welding and construction of both the metal frames and the cold-cure foam, the de-facto material used in quality seating today. They’ve also equipped the Throne V2 with 4D padded armrests, which is a short way of saying they can be moved and tilted to your heart’s desire.

Supporting its full-length backrest recline – perfect for watching videos or some lazy gaming with a controller – are a set of Class 4 hydraulics pistons. My background knowledge fails me here but Secretlab claims they’re the best in class in terms of consistency, stability, and safety, so you can confidently fall asleep without fear of toppling over. Unless some creature haunts you, that is.

All that will be supported by a reinforced aluminum base and six-centimeter rubber wheels that are smoother and friendlier on your floors. For reference, the first version used a heavy-duty nylon base in the interest of better savings.

The Throne V2 retails for SG$399.



Those who prefer something a little more premium can consider the new Omega chairs instead. They certainly look classier in Classic (white accents and red threading) and Stealth (carbon fibre with red threading) variants, and boy do they have my full attention now.

Ian Ang, Secretlab’s Managing Director and co-founder, states in a press release that the Omega was born out of user demand and that test groups have been “overwhelmingly positive.” It has everything that the Throne V2 does, only better.

A heavier frame gives stronger durability and a greater degree of tilt. The leather is supposedly more breathable as well, making those long MMO raids more bearable. And while it’s not mentioned, you’d probably feel like a Greek god thanks to that huge letter on its backrest; if divinity’s not your style then you could just roll with its literal translation: “great”. All those scrubs in team deathmatch will never understand.

The Omega retails for SG$469.

Just visit their store

Specifications and marketing material aside, I highly suggest anyone interested to just make a trip down to their showroom along Bendemeer Road in the meantime.

You’ll get to test the chairs out, see all that they can do, and find out if that extra $70 for an Omega is called for. Chances are you’d have a nice chat too. As a bonus (or not; refer to significant other) the shop’s really close to Aftershock PC, just in case you’re in the mood for a new gaming rig.

Ade Putra

Ade thinks there's nothing quite like a good game and a snug headcrab. He grew up with HIDEO KOJIMA's Metal Gear Solid, lives for RPGs, and is waiting for light guns to make their comeback.