Save Civilization By Buying Civilization Off The Latest Humble Bundle

The Humble Bundle ropes in a bunch of Sid Meier games for charity. Now you can fight hunger in the real-world while raining terror on your virtual rivals.

The latest bundle contains the complete collections to Civilization III and Civilization IV, along with Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol, Ace Patrol Pacific Skies and Railroads! As with all Humble Bundles, you pay what you want for these games, but top off more than the average contribution (US$7.93 at time of writing) and you unlock Civilization V and the Civ V Gods and Kings expansion pack. And if you’re going up that road, why not afford the full US$15 and unlock the Civ V Brave New Worlds expansion.

All proceeds will be divided via the buyer’s discretion between 2K Games, Action Against Hunger and Humble themselves. The games themselves will need Steam to run, be it on Windows or Mac. This Humble Bundle expires on February 19. Not to forget the Codemasters Sale (for Overlord, Operation Flashpoint and DiRT) that runs out in two days.

[Humble Store]