Pokémon Center Webstore Launches in North America

Bringing the merchandise franchise out of Japan and online for North American shoppers, The Pokémon Company has launched the Pokémon Center Webstore for all your Pokémon needs.

To celebrate the official opening, they’re also handing out a event-unique Poké Ball Patterned Vivillon, previously only available in Japan and France, via Mystery Gift on Pokémon X and Pokémon Y for the Nintendo 3DS. The special event Pokémon distribution will end after August 12. This event Pokémon is available to owners of the North American copy of the two games, the one most commonly sold in Singapore.

To pick up one, simply launch the game, get your Nintendo 3DS online, go to Mystery Gift on the main menu and Receive your Gift “Via Internet”. Then head to any Pokémon Center in-game and pick it up from the Delivery Girl, saving your game after that.

The Pokémon Center webstore has a bunch of limited edition items featuring “Grand Opening Pikachu”. The store also hawks phone charms, pins, clothing, plush toys, and the video and trading card games.