Official Halo 2 Plasma Rifle Now For Sale

Today, the official Halo 2: Anniversary Edition Plasma Rifle Full Scale Replica is up for pre-order.

Built using ancient design patterns dating to before the foundation of the Covenant, the Type-25 DER is crafted using a miraculous Forerunner plasma generator reliquary core carefully wrapped in Sangheili-designed and San ’Shyuum-refined controls and restrictors. The resulting weapon is a masterpiece of form and function carried exclusively by the Covenant’s most elite holy warriors.
The licensed replicas are sculpted and painted by TriForce, producing the most authentic representation of the Covenant office corps’ primary weapon. They are both hand finished and hand made, and crafted and cast in polystone. There are only 500 pieces worldwide. This exact replica is going for 600 USD (approx 778.6 SGD), and the pre-order deposit is $200.
The Halo 2: Anniversary Edition Plasma Rifle can only be pre-ordered at Project Triforce’s website.