Niconico Heads to the PlayStation Vita Family

In an attempt to bolster feline dominance of the internet, Sony Computer Entertainment Asia has added the “niconico” video application for the PlayStation Vita and Vita TV. Unhindered access to cute cat videos 24/7, no matter where you are!

In all honesty, Niconico is a genuinely interesting place. The video site opened up to English audiences not too long ago, with just enough translated for navigation. You’ll need to register a free account but once you do there’s quite literally a whole new world to explore. There are premium memberships and the like though it’s only for the regulars.

Fans of Vocaloid, Touhou and other Japanese music will have a field day with the Nsen service (I just heard a cover of the Halo theme on the indie channel), not counting the live video broadcasts and more. It’s as if Twitch merged with YouTube and then dosed the comment system with hallucinogens.

The niconico app is available for download now

Source:  PlayStation Asia Blog

Ade Putra

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