Netflix renews Castlevania and Aggretsuko

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Everyone’s favorite video streaming service has recently unveiled some exciting news for anime fans during the Anime Expo that took place on July 5th at Los Angeles, California.

Announcing two new anime series to join it’s ever-growing slate, ULTRAMAN and Cannon Busters. Netflix has also renewed the ever popular Aggretsuko for a second season. These titles will also be joined by the second season of Castlevania and GODZILLA: City on the edge of battle.

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This new series will be based off the ULTRAMAN manga series published in Japan’s Monthly Hero magazine. This action drama is centered around a man who possesses the spirit and DNA of the legendary hero “Ultraman” as he dons a metallic ultra suit to fight evil. Although he does not transform into a giant, he is still very much an heir to the powers of ULTRAMAN.Netflix




Cannon Busters
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Another new series on NetflixCannon Busters follows the adventures and exploits of S.A.M, a friendship droid who is joined by a discarded maintenance droid and a deadly fugitive. Together, this unlikely trio goes on a search to find S.A.M’s best friend, who happens to be the heir of a kingdom under siege.

Aggretsuko Season 2
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Aggretsuko returns for a second season as she continues to struggle in her thankless job where her only relief is by belting out death metal karaoke after work. Filled with overbearing bosses and annoying co-workers, Aggretsuko is a mature slice of life comedy that most people will find veryrelatable.

Castlevania Season 2
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Inspired by the classic videogame bearing the same namesake. Castlevania season 2 picks up from last season with Trevor Belmont meeting a new and unexpected ally. Together with his ragtag group, they will travel to stop the grief-maddened Dracula from annihilating the human race in this action packed series.

GODZILLA: City on the edge of battle
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A direct sequel to the 2017 GODZILLA: Planet of the monsters, City on the edge of battle continues the fight as humanity find themselves pit against the biggest Godzilla ever seen in this interplanetary story of survival.

On top of these news, Netflixis also introducing Smart Downloads. This new feature not only allows you to download your favorite shows, it will now also automatically download the next episode and delete the previous episode once you are done watching it.

Emphasizing on giving the consumers more control over their entertainment experience. The new Netflix Smart Downloads feature allows members to choose when they want to use Smart Downloads and how they want to use it. Members can enable or disable this feature on the app itself. Smart Downloads is currently available on Android phones and tablets.

  • ULTRAMAN – Spring 2019

  • Aggretsuko – 2019

  • GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle – July 18, 2018  

  • Castlevania Season 2 – October 26, 2018

  • Cannon Busters – April 1,  2019

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