Microsoft releases new Hour of Code tutorial for budding programmers

minecraft hour of code 2017

Microsoft are back for another edition of Hour of Code, set to take place between 4 to 10 December. Established to introduce the basics of coding, the global program sets out to introduce an hour’s worth of tutorial to students worldwide. Microsoft’s entry is the free Hero’s Journey tutorial, utilizing the ever-popular world of Minecraft.

Hero’s Journey introduces a fun character called the Agent and 12 new challenges that teach core coding concepts like loops, debugging, and functions. It’s free and playable across iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

Upon completing the tutorial, students can import their code into Minecraft: Education Edition for the first time ever, bringing their work to life in the game, or share their work via email, text message or social media.”

This is the result of an on-going collaboration with, who Microsoft also partnered with for the past two years.

Head to the official website to get started.

Ade Putra

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