Microsoft are giving away a custom Xbox One X signed by Real Madrid players

Real Madrid Xbox One X

You probably know a friend or two who only uses their console for soccer games. Maybe you are that friend. Either way, Microsoft are running a global sweepstakes that’s sure to grab every ounce of attention from that prime soccer-gaming overlap: a one-of-a-kind Xbox One X signed by every player of the UEFA Champions League team Real Madrid.

By “global” what Microsoft really means is the US and all other countries with Xbox Live service. Singapore’s on that list, so that’s one typical hurdle over and done with. The good news is that entering the sweepstakes is extremely simple, provided you have a “legally registered Twitter account” and are doing this sometime between 27 April and 4 May.

  1. Follow the official @Xbox Twitter account.
  2. Retweet the promotional post (once it appears).
  3. Make sure the #XboxSweepstakes hashtag is included.

And this is where you start praying to your god of choice.

The winner will be contacted via Twitter DM (direct message), which shouldn’t pose any issues so long as you’re still following the @Xbox account after doing the deed.

Check out the full terms and conditions here.

It seems that Microsoft also gave out individualized Xbox One X consoles to the Real Madrid players themselves, each bearing “their jersey number and initials on it.”

Pretty cool.

We expect Microsoft to release more photos of the sweepstakes console once the promotional post is live. Currently, you can only glimpse a portion of it in the lead image above, and we imagine fans would be far more interested once they get to see the full design and all of the smaller details.

Source: Xbox Wire

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