Latest Xbox One Update Came With a Video Bug

The Xbox One update released last weekend brought a great deal to the table in terms of features and system functionality, adding things such as USB keyboard support and an improved social interface. Unfortunately, users are lately discovering that all that goodness came bundled with a screen-blanking bug.

The bug in question started gaining exposure via posts on Reddit and Xbox’s forums (as reported by GameSpot), though many have already found out that a simple power cycle got things back in running order. A tweet by the official Xbox Support account echoes this workaround, prompting those affected to do so “by holding power for 10 seconds.”

Not an elegant approach by any means but at least it’s simple. As Microsoft is already aware of the problem we can expect a forthcoming fix soon, ideally before the next major update scheduled for March.

Outside of a small number who imported US sets, we are all still waiting for the Xbox One to launch in Singapore and the rest of Asia. If it’s any consolation, at least we’re getting past some of the initial bug-fixing and optimization.

Via: GameSpot

Ade Putra

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