Catch Pokémon on Google Maps

Just admit it – all of us Pokémon lovers have fantasized about being Pokémon masters and trainers in real life. Well, thanks to the amazing Google, now, you actually can.

For April’s Fools Day this year, Google has placed several Pokémon on Google Maps, for Android and iPhone. All you need is the latest version of Google Maps, and a lot of time to spare (or just catch Pokémon under your desk at work).

Photo credit: Jacky Yap,


Screenshot_2014-04-01-12-04-24To begin catching Pokémon, open Google Maps, and press on the search bar. Underneath it, a Pokéball and the words “Press start” will appear. Press that, and you can scour the whole world for Pokémon. If you don’t see any, try zooming it in a little.

Give it a try, see how many you can spot, and how many you can catch!