Bethesda Will Actually Have an E3 Conference This Year

Surprisingly, Bethesda Softworks will host an E3 Showcase this year, a move typically reserved by console manufacturers and larger publishers.

Only something with as much draw as Fallout 4, where next to nothing has been officially announced, could prompt such an expensive decision. Fans were spurred into frenzies last year thanks to a few hoaxes and there’s no doubt that Bethesda wants to unleash that hype in one extravagant swoop.

Nonetheless, it wouldn’t make sense for them to announce just one game so what else can we expect to see?

There’s a very high probability that Doom will make an appearance. The teaser trailer above was shown at last year’s E3, following the project restart in 2011. It was aired again at QuakeCon 2014, this time accompanied by gameplay demos. More importantly, Bethesda will want to show off the new idTech 6 engine, especially after the high-profile hire of Tiago Sousa, formerly the head R&D graphics engineer at Crytek.

BattleCry is almost guaranteed to make an appearance too. Set to release this year, this 32-player “online team action” PC game is the maiden project of BattleCry Studios, formed in 2012 by Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax Media. It features two two armies, the Royal Marines and Cossacks,battling it out with different classes and weapons. The stylized art is directed by Viktor Antonov, who has worked on Half-Life 2 and Dishonored previously.

The full-CG reveal trailer can be viewed here.


Heading deeper into speculative territory, let’s look at their other franchises starting with current best-seller The Elder Scrolls. The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited will launch on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in June so we’ll probably see a trailer to remind us about it.

That aside, we have to consider the fact that the widely successful The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim released way back in 2011 for last-gen consoles. Given (a) the amount of DLC released thus far, (b) the current trend of remasters, and (c) the easier porting work thanks to current-gen’s x86 architecture, could there be a HD remaster imminent?


Similarly, ZeniMax owns Dishonored creators Arkane Studios. The highly-rated stealth action-adventure released in 2012 for last-gen consoles and went on to receive two expansions, so a HD remaster isn’t out of the question here either. While a sequel has never been confirmed, it’d be odd for them to drop a new and valuable IP after just one game. It’s too soon for release dates but we might just get a teaser out of the event.

Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Evil Within are very recent so they’re out of the picture. That just leaves us with Rage, that 2011 post-apocalyptic first-person shooter by id Software which, somehow, performed poorly on PCs at launch. We probably won’t be seeing anything new from this license and besides, the studio’s currently busy with Doom.

Judging by past E3s, Bethesda’s conference will likely run before the big three – Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo – as it lands on a Sunday. We can find a livestream on their Twitch channel when the day comes although they haven’t provided a time. For reference, Singapore is thirteen hours ahead of Los Angeles.

[Source: BethBlog]


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