Art of Fighting soundtrack remastered for its 25th anniversary

art of fighting definitive soundtrack

Brave Wave Productions has opened orders for Art of Fighting The Definitive Soundtrack, a remastered 28-track album for the fighting game’s 25th anniversary. It’s available in physical CD and vinyl formats (paired with a digital download) on sites such as Fangamer an Bigwax, with global orders shipping next week.

Released in the early ‘90s for SNK’s NEOGEO home console, Art of Fighting was a franchise that shared the same fictional universe as Fatal Fury – characters from both ultimately collided in a third franchise, The King of Fighters.

Tackling the soundtack’s remaster is Japanese label Brave Wave, “dedicated to exploring the interplay between videogames, music and nostalgia.” Their staff and talent are spread across the world, with the  Shovel Knight soundtrack named as an example of bridging Western and Japanese creators.

Here’s the official blurb and track-listing:

Art of Fighting was originally released for the NEOGEO in 1992. Serving as a prequel to SNK’s Fatal Fury fighting game series, the game featured beautiful sprites and unparalleled animation, coupled with a catchy, memorable soundtrack and a cast of iconic characters. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series, the music of Art of Fighting has been restored at the highest possible quality for a new generation of fighting game fans to enjoy.

  1. Theme of the Dragon and Tiger (Title)
  2. Thanks for the 200 yen (Intrusion)
  3. Which One Do You Want? I Want This One (Player Select)
  4. Welcome to the Todo Mansion (Before Ryuhaku Todoh Stage)
  5. ART OF FIGHT (Ryuhaku Todoh Stage)
  6. Ah, I Want to Return to Japan (After Ryuhaku Todoh Stage)
  7. Wait, Yuri! (Interrim Demo)
  8. Mamemamemaame (Jack Turner Stage)
  9. Delinquents Do Have Honor Too (After Jack Turner Stage)
  10. Chinese Old Man (Lee Pai Long Stage)
  11. Defeated by Age, As I Thought (After Lee Pai Long Stage)
  12. Micha iya! (King Stage)
  13. I Want to Return to a Normal Life (After King Stage)
  14. Bonus Game (Bonus Game Select)
  15. Initiation to the Super Special Moves (Bonus Game)
  16. Strike! Strike! (Bonus Game Results)
  17. Welcome to Downtown (Before Mickey Rogers Stage)
  18. Being Tough Feels Good (Mickey Rogers Stage)
  19. Being Tough Was Good (After Mickey Rogers Stage)
  20. Flying Baaang! (John Crawley Stage)
  21. Flying Booom!! (After John Crawley Stage)
  22. Blue Moon Factory (Mr.BIG Stage)
  23. Fight Uninjured (After Mr.BIG Stage)
  24. Wait a Moment (Before Mr.Karate Stage)
  25. The Tengu Show (Mr.Karate Stage)
  26. I Can’t Do It (After being defeated by Mr.Karate)
  27. Is That Our Kid? (Staff Roll)
  28. Hey, Let’s Do It Again! (Continue)

Art of Fighting The Definitive Soundtrack is up for pre-order on Fangamer for US and Canada residents, and on Bigwax for the rest of the world. At the latter, the CD is priced at $16 (10 euros) while the vinyl goes for $31. Bandcamp orders have already sold out.

This isn’t the first remaster by Brave Wave, either. Check out their Generation Series page to see other titles such as Ninja Gaiden and Street Fighter II.

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