Apple Asia's Red Letter Day: Price Drops for 24 Hours

Apple’s annual Lunar New Year sales event hits Apple online stores in Asia, with discounts on all its major products across Mac, iPhone and iPad.

No time better than now to pick up an iPad. The company notable for their inability to drop prices on anything they manufacture is painting the store an auspicious red with markdowns. Products that are going easier on the wallet include:

iPad with Retina Display: $40 to $80 off. From $508
iPad Air: $50 to $90 off. From $638
iPad Mini (16GB, Prev. Gen.): $30 off. From $378

MacBook Air: $120 off. From $1,228
MacBook Pro: $120 off. $1,468
MacBook Pro with Retina Display: $120 off. From $1,668
iMac: $120 off. From $1,668
(No discounts on the new Mac Pro or on the Mac Mini.)

iPhone 5s (Carrier Unlocked): $70 off. From $918
iPhone 5c (Carrier Unlocked): $70 off. From $778
iPod Touch: $40 off. From $2578
Apple TV: $30 off. $118

A host of peripherals and third-party hardware are also in this promotion, with similar discounts. All orders will take advantage of Apple’s Free Shipping within 24 hours. The sale ends at 11.59pm SGT tonight.

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