Ant Sim Formicarium on Kickstarter

Remember SimAnt from 1991? You played the role of an ant in a colony of black ants in a backyard. Victory is yours if you manage to spread throughout the garden, into and house, and drive out both the opposing red ants and the humans.

If you enjoyed SimAnt, you are most likely going to want to try Formicarium, a strategy sandbox simulation game. Ants are fascinating creatures who somehow manage to go through their daily activities in such a systematic manner. Can you control the ants as well as nature can? You are the mind of the ant hive, and your job is to guide your colony so that they can survive obstacles such as starvation and infestation, and evolve, all according to biological law. Two of the many resources around you are beetles and blind earthworms.


Formicarium is brought to you by Konrad Feiler and Dorota Orlof, and is currently on Kickstarter. The game is going to be available on mobile, Mac and PC, hopefully within six months.

For more information, you can head on down to Formicarium’s Official Website.