Intel announces new 9th Gen desktop processors

Intel 9th Gen CPUs

Intel have announced their 9th Gen desktop processors, describing the Core i9-9900K as “the world’s best gaming processor.” Recognizing modern user needs for both gaming and content creation, it’s said to deliver increased frame rates, enable faster video editing, and support advanced overclocking.

The flagship Core i9-9900K is an eight-core processor with hyperthreading, clocking in at a base of 3.6GHz and a Turbo of up to 5.0Ghz (two cores). It’s an upgrade to last generation’s Core i7-8086K, although both have a TDP of 95 and similar memory specifications.

Intel says gamers can expect the following improvements compared to the previous generation:

  • 10% more  FPS via Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0
  • 11%  more FPS when megatasking i.e. capturing game play, transcoding, and streaming
  • 34% faster video editing on Adobe Premiere
  • 15% better overall system performance

These processors may also be overclocked using Intel Extreme Tuning Utility.

“Our goal is to deliver leadership performance across all computing segments and product lines,” said Intel Client Computing Group’s Anand Srivatsa.

“Today’s announcements underscore our ability to do exactly that, including, hands-down, the world’s best processor for gaming. Whether a gamer, a creator or an expert using the most advanced workstation applications possible, Intel and our partners are focused on delivering balanced platforms with real-world leadership performance and robust capabilities that exceed their needs.”

Other 9th Gen models announced include the i5-9600K and the i7-9700K. All three are compatible with Intel’s 300 Series motherboards or with the new Z390 chipset. The latter features a high-speed integrated USB 3.1 Gen 2 and Intel Wireless-AC with suport for Gigabit Wi-Fi.

Intel 9th Gen Table

If you’re jumping at the bit, pre-orders for the 9th Gen processors and the Z390 chipset have already begun.

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