TGX 2012: Windows 8 Game Linx

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One of our favourite pit stops at The Games eXpo was the Games Solution Centre’s game showcase. Among some of the games that caught our fancy was the Windows 8 exclusive Linx.

Linx, as the phonetics of its name might suggest, has you linking shapes three-squares large together to form cubes four-squares large. Each square of four you create is consumed, and the leftover squares, or links, change their colour. There are close to 256 variations of colours for the squares.

This zen-mode game plays like it would fit in perfectly with a lazy afternoon and a cold cocktail. Its accompanying background music features tracks from Singaporean indie musicians, and more songs from other independent artistes will be available for purchase once the game launches.

Linx, though bundled with the upcoming Windows 8 OS, will operate on a freemium model. Each link you create in the game adds to your stash of stars, which are the game’s currency.

For those wondering if you’ll be able to play this chill app on your mobile, the answer is yes! But devs Ectivise are working on an Android version, first.

Check back soon for our take on Linx!