Dragon Nest Guild Chronicles Walks Away With S$10,000

The Dragon Nest SEA community celebrated the death of Serpentra last weekend at V @ China Square. The sprawling venue saw more than 200 attendees who came to enjoy the ‘after party’ following the Chronicles guild’s Serpentra kill.

Apart from the prize presentation, a lucky draw, mini-games and a free-flow of refreshments, partygoers – who comprised of a wide demographic from teenagers to working adults – were also able to enjoy the video playback of Chronicles’ Serpentra kill.

Unfortunately for non Singaporean Dragon Nest SEA players, the half-hour long video was available for show only at the event.

We caught up with the team from Chronicles who downed Serpentra for some insights into their kill. The guild took less than a month to slaughter the sea dragon – an amazing feat considering the Koreans, who were privy to this content first, took three months.

Team leader W. K. Chan, better known as EmeliousC, told us that the team of eight spent two weeks practicing for the kill. They would have three Serpentra runs daily, with each run lasting for over an hour. After over thirty attempts, they finally cleared the sea dragon.

“We got more confident after clearing Serpentra. That was when we went for the speed run,” said EmeliousC.

Six members of the winning team were from Chronicles, while the other two hailed from guild Impressive. The team also practiced with one or two reserves a day, just in case. In spite of the majority being Chronicles members, the pot will be split evenly between each player.

When asked how they were going to spend the money, the team replied in cheerful unison: