How to create a user-friendly game site

If you are thinking about creating your own game site, there are many things that you need to consider while in the designing phase. However, at the forefront of your mind should always remain the user. After all, the user is the one who will eventually be playing on your game site. As such, creating a site that is user-friendly is of paramount importance. If users do not like the site’s design or cannot navigate it with ease, they will simply look elsewhere for another game site. So how can you make sure that you are creating a user-friendly game site? Well, there are many things that you can do to improve the overall user experience, here are some of them.


There is no denying that looks are important. You want your game site to look good, as it will be more appealing and inviting to users. Graphics are important here; they need to be appropriate for your target market. They also need to be clear and crisp; ensuring that they do not obscure the user’s ability to read signs or headings. A good example of this is Mirror bingo, where the graphical images are strong, but distinctly separate from text, as to ensure ease of use for the player.


Your text needs to be visible; in a font and size that read well off all devices –some people may be accessing your site from a tablet or a smartphone. The text itself needs to be clear in what it is trying to convey. Unclear text is one thing that can make a game site incredibly difficult to use for a user. If the user is confused as to where and how they need to create an account, they will be unable to play your game! The content of the text itself also needs to convey its intention simply and plainly.


Navigation is important, because it is integral to the user’s experience of the game site. Your site should be created and coded in such a way that the average user is able to navigate it intuitively, based on the headings and signs provided, without much difficultly. This means that you need to place text strategically. It is not enough that it appears to be readable and is not obstructed by images. You need to have the options in plain sight for the user. People expect to find navigation bars at the top left or right hand corner of the browser. Do not place your navigation obscurely in the middle of the page. You should have links in your navigation bar and within other text bodies on the site, as to make it easy for the user to find the page that they are looking for.


A user-friendly site is a fast site! People do not want to be stuck on a page waiting for content and images to load. Make sure that you compress your images. Also, avoid unnecessarily large images or videos that are not going to add to the overall good experience of the user.



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