IEM Singapore: Let's Not Waste Day 4

Day 4 of Intel Extreme Masters Singapore will dawn soon, and many of you Singaporean e-Sports fanatics attending will undoubtedly be questioning: what can I do to make e-Sports more viable in the country? What can I do to see more tournaments and competitions like Intel Extreme Masters?

We managed to speak to Michal ‘Carmac’ Blicharz recently. Carmac is not just the director of pro gaming in Turtle Entertainment, the company that manages the Electronic Sports League (ESL). He is also a well respected figurine in the e-Sports community, the man behind Intel’s Extreme Masters series, and a veritable treasure trove of experience and advice. And he has the answer to your question, you, the everyday gamer on the street.

“When an event like Intel Extreme Masters comes to Singapore, rise up, show up, and make it amazing,” he said to us. “And then hope that somebody will notice. If not, make them notice. It’s all up to the Singapore community… Make a lot of noise, and make sure that somebody who sees that event will think, hmm, we want another like this one.

“This is why we are here. To give you guys this chance to be noticed.

So we now throw the question back at you: will you help e-Sports in Singapore get the notice it deserves?

See you at the last day of Intel Extreme Masters Singapore, where the Grand Finals of StarCraft II will be played!