Harry Potter In Life After Harry Potter

Just like how Street Fighter has Collegehumor’s ‘The Later Year’ series, Harry Potter has gotten its own web series dealing with life ten years after the books.

Aptly titled ‘Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later’, the series recently released its first episode, in which we see a manic, baby-obsessed Ginny, a retrenched Harry, a Hermione divorced from Ron and… pretty much all the problems you’d probably face yourself in real life. ‘The Ten Years Later’ is a startlingly accurate portrayal of what could actually happen, if Harry Potter was real. It also deals with more mature themes than the book does, so it’s not exactly fit for primetime viewing.

The production value isn’t exactly top notch, but the acting’s decent and the dialogue’s enjoyable. The casting is especially spot-on, and we like that. Watch it!


(Source: i09.com. Photo: YouTube)