Say Hello To Halo 4

There’s not much you don’t already know about Halo 4, but here we are to surprise you nonetheless.

We got to play a demo of the Spartan Ops DLC for Halo 4. The great thing about Spartan Ops is that while it’s a fully fledged four-player fiesta, it’s also free. Of course, the rest of Halo 4 isn’t, so here is some more important information.

Preorders of the limited edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 console (S$599) kick off on September 18 this year. Gamers will also be able to place preorders for the limited and standard editions of Halo 4, which are priced at S$99 and S$69 respectively. Preordering early will net you an extra premium on top of the standard two. The game itself will be released on November 6 2012.

Those aren’t all the goodies Microsoft has in store for Halo fans. The Xbox team in Singapore is also joining forces with StarHub, PepsiCo, and Sony Music for the game’s launch.

StarHub customers are entitled to an exclusive preorder period for the limited edition version of Halo 4. Spanning September 18 to September 25, it is a whole week ahead of retail preorders, which will only open on September 26. StarHub is also presenting the world’s first Halo 4 Ultimate Deathmatch at the launch event at Funan Digitalife Mall. On November 6 2012, fans will battle in a caged arena to see who can outlast everyone to become Singapore’s top Halo 4 champion.

In case you feel like you need a sugar rush in preparation for the deathmatch, Mountain Dew from PepsiCo will be the official soft drink for the Halo 4 campaign in Singapore. PepsiCo will also be launching limited edition Halo 4-branded Mountain Dew bottles from October 15 to December 31. A Mountain Dew consumer campaign will also take place on Facebook, and will offer exclusive Halo 4 prizes worth over S$100,000.

Finally, Sony Music – as the publisher of the official Halo 4 soundtrack in the region – is offering a special discount on the album for customers who preorder any Halo 4 products. Simply make your purchase of the soundtrack from October 22. The offer ends the day the game launches, so don’t procrastinate.

More Halo 4 details will be announced on September 18, when the preorder kicks off.