Google's Web-based Skeeball Game Uses Your iPhone As A Controller

The Google Chrome Team has a new web toy: a skeeball game for up to three players using a smartphone as a Wii Remote-like controller.

Head to the Roll It page using any modern browser, although Google Chrome is recommended. Going to the same page on your smartphone turns it into the controller. Starting the game involves entering a code displayed on the browser on the computer onto the browser on your device, which will sync you up to your game, then watch as it somehow magically controls the ball on your screen as you tilt around to select the number of players you’ll be playing with today.


The game plays like your basic skeeball carnival game. You toss the ball and try to get it into a score pocket, with the higher scoring pockets more challenging to get. Then you flick your device-wielding wrist (or entire arm, if you wish) to do the job, aiming your throw with your thumb on the screen. After spending all your balls, you can either choose to replay the current board or switch to a new one.


It’s a pretty neat Chrome Experiment that shows what plug-in free, accessible web gaming can become with something that syncs to your phone and takes over it as a means of control. I’d like to see what this can pull off next.

[Roll It via Gizmodo]